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Wear Resistant Hardened Steel Pins / Tungsten Dart Pin Long Using Life

Name: Hardened Steel Pins
Feature: Wear Resistant
Tungsten Steel Slider Insert: Costum
Type: Forming Pin Production And Processing
Model: Tungsten Steel Forming Pin
Tungsten Steel Pin: Double-hole Insert Head
High Light: tungsten carbide parts, tungsten carbide tools
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Wear Resistant Hardened Steel Pins / Tungsten Dart Pin Long Using Life


Hardened Steel Pins Introduction:


Modern industrial mass production pays more attention to production efficiency and yield. The main consideration for tool products is the performance of the materials. Precision mold and equipment used in the processing of tungsten steel materials precision parts require good physical stability. Especially the durability and wear-resistance are undoubtedly the key point, which tungsten steel materials can meet these requirements. The ultra-hard metal material tungsten steel prepared by powder metallurgy technology, which is often referred to as cemented carbide, has the advantages of high strength, high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, small thermal expansion coefficient, etc. Widely used in industrial production and processing operations, it is one of the excellent tool materials. The use of tool materials is not only the consumption, but also the good choice to improve work efficiency.

We can produce precision mold parts required for punching pins, insert pins and sleeves. According to the customer's core stamping mold requirements, we can produce non-standard tungsten steel inner and outer rotor pushing pins, internal and external rotor forming pins, internal and external rotor metering pins and other series of precision tungsten steel punching pin. The size is: φ6 × φ4 × φ3.0175 × 85.85 and so on. Specific dimension is referred to the drawings:


Name:Hardened Steel PinsFeature:Wear Resistant
Tungsten Steel Slider Insert:CostumType:Forming Pin Production And Processing
Model:Tungsten Steel Forming PinTungsten Steel Pin:Double-hole Insert Head


Hardened Steel Pins Technical parameters:


Tungsten steel material are chosen as processing for its material long-lasting physical properties, which goes beyond other metal tool materials. High wear resistance is one of the advantages of tungsten steel processing products. Under the actual working conditions of progressive molds, combined molds and multi-station molds, the tungsten steel mold materials are still durable. Thus, as a tool material, it is a good choice for mold products because of its high hardness, high strength and high wear resistance. According to the actual production operation, the processing of non-standard tungsten steel mold is taking the customer's specific drawing as the accuracy tolerance standard. The physical parameters of conventional tungsten steel forming pins can be referred to as follows:

  • Grain size (um): 0.8 ~ 2.0
  • Cobalt content (Co%): 6 ~ 10
  • Density (g/cm³): 14.45
  • Hardness HRA: 88 ~ 92
  • Bending strength (Mpa): 3200 ~ 3800
  • Young's modulus (Gpa): 570
  • Compressive strength (Mpa): 4700

If the customer has special requirements, we can provide tungsten steel products with special requirements for production and processing.

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