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Wear Resistance Tungsten Carbide Punch For Small Core Working Parts

Name: Tungsten Carbide Punch
Size: Costum
High: Costum
Appliction: Small Core Working Parts
Model: Tungsten Steel Punching Needle Production And Processing
Tungsten Steel Pin: Double-hole Insert Head
High Light: tungsten carbide production, tungsten carbide tools
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Wear Resistance Tungsten Carbide Punch For Small Core Working Parts


Tungsten Carbide Punch Introduction:


The tungsten steel punching needle is used as the core component of the stamping die because of its excellent physical properties. The punching needle is mounted on the stamping die for continuous punching operation, so that the processing material is separated or plastically deformed to get the finished product or semi-finished product. In the cold stamping process, the material is processed into parts. Stamping is a pressure processing method that puts pressure on material by means of the die mounted at room temperature to cause separation or plastic deformation to obtain desired part. It is commonly used in industrial production. Stamping dies are indispensable process equipment for stamping production, also the technology-intensive products. The quality, production efficiency and production cost of stamping parts are directly related to the precision and design of die parts.


Using good material is an effective way to improve the production efficiency. Tungsten steel produced by powder metallurgy is a typical representative of super hard metal. Because of its high hardness, high strength and good toughness, it is a good choice for wear parts and high-quality punch needles. Tungsten steel punching needles are the core components of stamping die with its excellent properties. Tungsten steel punching needles and hard alloy punching needles refer to the same thing because of different regional names. The coastal areas of Guangdong are called tungsten steel punching needles. This is originated from Taiwan. The mainland called alloy punching needles, also called carbide punches. The punching needle series belongs to high-end precision tools according to physical properties. For continuous operation, especially for progressive stamping production with requirements of long service life and high accuracy, the performance of the carbide needle is greatly beyond other materials.


As wear-resistant metal material, tungsten steel is the first choice for high-end wear parts, especially for fine and small core working parts. The wear performance of tungsten steel wear parts completely exceeds other metal materials. However, its high hardness and high wear resistance make the non-standard processing cumbersome and troublesome. Especially threaded tungsten steel parts machining has higher requirements on equipment and technology. The precision alloy die and punch require high precision and product consistency. Every punch must strictly meet the dimensional accuracy tolerance, thus can extend the service life of the die. As tungsten steel punch used in precision dies, product consistency is a key factor that will directly affect the service life and the dimensional accuracy of the dies. The precision requirements for the cemented carbide parts are μ-level precision. This requires strong technology and rich experience in cemented carbide deep processing systems with advanced production equipment to meet μ-level precision tolerance. As for the processing precision, the production precision alloy parts tolerance can be ± 0.002, concentricity and parallelism can be 0.002. The precision tolerance of the die parts can solve the overall accuracy.


Tungsten Carbide Punch Parameters


Name:Tungsten Carbide PunchSize:Costum
High:CostumAppliction:Small Core Working Parts
Model:Tungsten Steel Punching Needle Production And ProcessingTungsten Steel Pin:Double-hole Insert Head


National high-tech enterprise certification, the tungsten carbide accuracy of the shape tolerance can be ±0.002.

We can provide custom-made high precision tungsten steel punch needle, especially for ultra-fine and ultra-precision punching needle, core needle, our company has complete testing equipment to offer product parameters:

Tungsten steel nozzles: the minimum inner hole: Ø0.03mm ~ ±0.002mm;

Tungsten steel punching needles: the minimum outer diameter: Ø0.025mm ~ ±0.002mm;

Tungsten steel probes: R angle of the front end: Ø0.01mm ~ ±0.002mm;

Core needle sleeve type: The minimum outer diameter: Ø0.02mm ~ ±0.002mm

the minimum inner diameter: Ø0.07mm ~ ±0.002mm.


Tungsten steel punch internal thread die meets the tolerance requirement of ±0.002. High-precision production of tungsten steel punches take a long time with possible risk of scrapping rate. For this reason, customers need to contact us in advance so as not to delay the delivery time. We can provide high-precision die insert punch series, so that the precision dies have higher efficiency and longer service life.

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