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Water Resistance Tungsten Carbide Mold For Fully Automatic COG Equipment

Name: Tungsten Carbide Mold
Pin Ceramic Nozzle: Costum
Tungsten Steel Slider Insert Head: Costum
Type: Carbide Wear Parts
Model: Carbide LCD Module Indenter
Application: Fully Automatic COG Equipment
High Light: carbide wire drawing dies, cold heading dies
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Water Resistance Tungsten Carbide Mold For Fully Automatic COG Equipment​





Carbide LCD module indenter, as carbide mold-making product, is hard alloy wear-resistant part. Our company provide LCD module lamination series wear parts according to the drawing requirements for LCD industry equipment. It is made up of the upper indenter and the lower indenter.


The product is the lower indenter of the hard alloy LCD module wear parts. It is formed by pressing and sintering semi-finished blank carbide material. The internal thread is directly formed and processed in the semi-finish production process, and the surface is machined by precision machine tool. After fine grinding treatment and precise size control processing, it becomes the upper indenter. The flatness should be 0.008, and the perpendicularity should be 0.02. The hardness is between HRA92.5-93, meeting the basic super wear resistance requirement. Adopting special cemented carbide production process, it is sintered at 1300 °C high-temperature by professional vacuum low-pressure sintering method. Thus, the metallographic structure is compact, no sand holes and no bubbles. And the internal thread is semi-finished during the blank forming, so it is more convenient to process and sinter the subsequent precision of thread size. This is advanced technical manifestation for the sintering of cemented carbide blanks, and it is also precise control of the dimensional accuracy.



Technical parameters:


The hard alloy LCD module indenter is tungsten steel wear part produced by hard alloy mold. It is used with the wear-resistant parts of the LCD industry. As the industrial tooth, cemented carbide is the first-choice material for wear-resistant parts with its high hardness, high strength and high density. We can provide custom-made upper and lower indenter according to the requirements of customers' drawings.


Name:Tungsten Carbide MoldPin Ceramic Nozzle:Costum
Tungsten Steel Slider Insert Head:CostumType:Carbide Wear Parts
Model:Carbide LCD Module IndenterApplication:Fully Automatic COG Equipment



As a cemented carbide manufacturer in Zhuzhou, we rely on the cemented carbide production technology and combine with years of production experience and advanced processing equipment to provide alloy molds, carbide wear parts, and hard alloy parts. According to the customer's specific requirements and drawings, we provide the best service to meet the needs of our customers.

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