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Name: Tungsten Carbide Products
Pin Ceramic Nozzle: φ0.036(-0.001)*2
Tungsten Steel Slider Insert Head: φ0.128 (±0.001)
Type: Tungsten Steel Pin Ceramic Nozzle
Model: Tungsten Steel Slider Inserts
Tungsten Steel Pin: Molds
High Light: hardened steel pins, tungsten carbide parts
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Virgin Tungsten Carbide Products / Tungsten Carbide Tools For Molds




We can provide precision tungsten steel pins, tungsten steel slider inserts, tungsten steel slider core pins and other series of mold insert pins. Pin parts required for precision injection molds are precision tungsten steel, in which precision are precisely customized to meet the application of precision injection molds.

Molds are a necessary tool for industrial production batch operations, especially high-precision molds can effectively improve working efficiency. The precision parts required for a high-end precision mold are indispensable parts for its normal operation, especially the slider inserts and slider core pins required for precision work. We offer high-precision accessories for plastic molds and pin inserts tungsten steel products. The slider inserts used with the precision injection mold is mainly used to soften the plastic and fix the forming hole.

The tungsten steel materials have stable physical properties, such as high hardness and high strength, especially wear resistance for long-lasting production operations. Tungsten steel pin and tungsten steel slider inserts are suitable for precision mold production. We can provide mass production of tungsten steel slider inserts according to the size requirements of the drawings. The products produced can meet the requirements for pin inserts, like plastic mold production, optical brazing joints, ceramic nozzles and so on.


Name:Tungsten Carbide ProductsPin Ceramic Nozzle:φ0.036(-0.001)*2
Tungsten Steel Slider Insert Head:φ0.128 (±0.001)Type:Tungsten Steel Pin Ceramic Nozzle
Model:Tungsten Steel Slider InsertsTungsten Steel Pin:Molds


Technical parameters:


we can produce tungsten steel inserts according to the drawings. The diameter of the tungsten steel slider insert head is φ0.128 (±0.001) for the optical brazed joint mold, and the double-head double-hole insert head for the tungsten steel pin ceramic nozzle is φ0.036(-0.001)*2 , φ0.045 (±0.002) * 2, φ0.067 (± 0.002) * 2. According to customer mold accuracy and dimensional requirements, we provide mass production of tungsten steel slider pin!

Tungsten steel slider insert must ensure dimensional accuracy, and the finished product inspection should also be within the tolerance range. This is not only the need to rich processing experience, but also the need for professional testing equipment. Sharp tools make good work. High-quality tungsten steel material is deep pression machining into mold slider parts, which have passed many inspections to facilitate the customer to test the actual tolerance.

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