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Tungsten Steel Punch Internal Thread Die / High Precision Die Insert Punch

Name: Tungsten Steel Punch Internal Thread Die
Pin Ceramic Nozzle: φ0.036(-0.001)*2
Tungsten Steel Slider Insert Head: φ0.128 (±0.001)
Type: Internal Thread Tungsten Steel Punch
Model: Tungsten Steel Punch Die
Tungsten Steel Pin: Double-hole Insert Head
High Light: Internal Tungsten Steel Punch, Tungsten steel punch die, High Precision Die Insert Punch
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Tungsten steel punch die is the core working component of die parts of large-scale industry, which is non-standard custom-made machining die parts of tungsten steel material. Good material is an effective way to improve work efficiency. Tungsten steel produced by powder metallurgy is a typical representative of super hard metal. Because of its high hardness, high strength and good toughness, it is a good choice for wear parts and high-quality punch needles. Tungsten steel punching needles are the core components of stamping die with its excellent properties. Tungsten steel punching needles and hard alloy punching needles refer to the same thing because of different regional names. The coastal areas of Guangdong are called tungsten steel punching needles. This is originated from Taiwan. The mainland called alloy punching needles, also called carbide punches. The punching needle series belongs to high-end precision tools according to physical properties. For continuous operation, especially for progressive stamping production with requirements of long service life and high accuracy, the performance of the carbide needle is greatly beyond other materials.


The demand for die products in the household electric appliance manufacturing industry, especially for high-end precision die parts, is high. For tungsten steel punches die parts, processing internal thread is one of the requirements.


The precision alloy die used with tungsten steel needle and punch has high precision requirements and product consistency. Every tungsten steel punch must strictly meet the dimensional accuracy tolerance, thus can extend the service life of the die. The precision requirements for the cemented carbide parts are μ-level precision. This requires strong technology and rich experience in cemented carbide deep processing systems with advanced production equipment to meet μ-level precision tolerance. As for the processing precision, the production precision alloy parts tolerance can be ± 0.002, concentricity and parallelism can be 0.002. The precision tolerance of the die parts can solve the overall accuracy.




Tungsten steel punch internal thread die meets the tolerance requirement of ±0.002. High-precision production of tungsten steel punches take a long time with possible risk of scrapping rate. For this reason, customers need to contact us in advance so as not to delay the delivery time. We can provide high-precision die insert punch series, so that the precision dies have higher efficiency and longer service life.

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