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Tungsten Steel Blade / Cemented Carbide Wielding Blade For Manufacturing Industry

Name: Cemented Carbide Wielding Blade
Pin Ceramic Nozzle: Costum
Tungsten Steel Slider Insert Head: Costum
Type: Cemented Carbide Blade
Model: Wielding Cemented Carbide Blade
Tungsten Steel Pin: Double-hole Insert Head
High Light: cemented carbide blade, hardened steel blade
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Product Description


Cemented carbide wielding blade, also called cemented carbide bit head, is one of the cemented carbide blades commonly used in manufacturing industry. The blade has a wide range of grades and a variety of models to meet different specific usage requirements.

Because of cemented carbide’s excellent performance, cemented carbide blade, cutting tool, is a powerful assistant tool for manufacturing industry, used in cutting various metal materials.


Cemented carbide wielding blade is of wide varieties, so different manufacturers will have different factory grades and models. Cemented carbide wielding blade is mainly for cutting automobiles. There are some commonly used blade grades:YG3, YG3X,YG6,YG6A,YG6X,YG8,YT14,YT15,YT5,YW1,YW2,YW3,YT05,YS8,etc. and main models: A110,A112,A120,A125,A140,A320,B116,B120,B210,B214,C120,C215,C303,C310,D120Z,D125,D210,D216,E105,E110,E210,E246,F211,F220,F230,F305,etc. There are thousands of different models, mainly according to the specific use. The typical model is YS8 A122 of Zhuzhou Diamond.



Technical parameters


Zhuzhou professional cemented carbide blade manufacturer, relying on the 60 years of cemented carbide military production technology in Zhuzhou, with the solid strength of Zhuzhou cemented carbide blade industry as the backing, provides authentic Zhuzhou cemented carbide blade for manufacturing industry.

Zhuzhou cemented carbide wielding blade has been verified to be in conformity with YS/T253-94, YS/T79-94, Q/CAWG002-005. According to the specific grade and model of cemented carbide blades, the number of packages varies, and the actual number of packages is according to your actual quantity.


Configuration advantages


As Zhuzhou professional cemented carbide blade manufacturer, our company relies on the production technology of Zhuzhou cemented carbide, takes the improvement of the industrial chain of Zhuzhou cemented carbide blades as a solid backing, and takes the foresight technology of Zhuzhou cemented carbide tool industry as a benchmark to provide authentic Zhuzhou cemented carbide welding blades for manufacturing industry. Our company produces cemented carbides covering various industries. With rich production experience and good performance, we are definitely your first choice for cutting and processing products.



Packaging & Shipping

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