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Tungsten Carbide Processing Precision Carbide Nozzle For Soldering Industry

Name: Tungsten Carbide Processing Precision Carbide Nozzle
Inner Hole: Customized
Outer Size: Customized
Smoothness: R0.2
Model: Tungsten Carbide Nozzle
Concentricity: 0.005
High Light: Precision Carbide Nozzle, Tungsten Carbide Processing Nozzle, Soldering Industry Tungsten Carbide Nozzle
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Tungsten Carbide Processing Precision Carbide Nozzle For Soldering Industry


Tungsten steel nozzle tungsten carbide processing precision carbide nozzle, Zhuzhou Sanxin tungsten steel production and customized supply of carbide nozzle, tungsten steel nozzle, cemented carbide nozzle, tungsten carbide spray gun and other tungsten carbide nozzle series.



In pace with the development trend of intelligent manufacturing industry, the differences in the specific working conditions of industrial production, according to the different use of mechanical equipment and injection medium, Zhuzhou Sanxin Cemented Carbide Manufacturing Co., Ltd processing precision tungsten steel nozzle to provide customized production.


Use Requirements:

The use requirements of the inner hole can meet ra0.2, ra0.4, ra0.8, ra1.6, etc.,

suitable for electronic automatic adsorption, laser tin ball spray, dot glue spray, cold spraying, hot spraying, sandblasting, spray, fluid liquid injection and other aspects of mechanical equipment operation.

The good performance of tools and materials is the embodiment of the high-quality use of intelligent integrated machinery industry, which is also the economic and social development to put forward more requirements for the performance of tools and materials.

Using powder metallurgy technology production of super hard material tungsten steel, with high strength, high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, small line expansion coefficient, good physical stability, especially high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance special jet medium conditions, Sanxin company's tungsten carbide nozzle shown by the performance is unmatched by other tools and materials.



Tungsten carbide nozzles have good physical stability can better meet the use requirements of injection, more use for electronic circuits, aerospace, ocean engineering, advanced manufacturing, rail transit and other fields, used in tin ball laser, cold and hot spraying, vacuum coating and other aspects.


Standard Material Specifications:

Grain size(um)0.4~2.0
Density g/cm313.96~14.85
Hardness HRA89.5~93
Flexural strength Mpa3200~4500
Young's Modulus Gpa570~620



Safe plastic box packing with fancy inner holder insert like eva.

Tungsten Carbide Processing Precision Carbide Nozzle For Soldering Industry 0

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