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Spherical Carbide Button Inserts for tri - cone drill bits

Type: Construction Tool Parts,wear Resistant Parts,tungsten Carbide Wear Resistance
Material: 100% Virgin Tungsten Carbide,Tungsten Carbide WC+Co
Size: Customized,OEM Accepted,Customer Requst
Surface: Finish,rough Grinding,Polished Grinding
Grade: YK05/YK06/YG8/YG20,YG11,etc
Shape: Spherical,flat-top,cone,Round Or Other,parabolic
Service: OEM & ODM
High Light: Spherical Carbide Button Inserts, Tri cone Carbide Button Inserts, ISO Carbide Button Inserts
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Tungsten Carbide Inserts for Shield Tunneling Boring Machine Head


Key Points:

Assembling Units30-40 units or more for operation
Assembling wayBe bolted
ReplacementBe replaced from the soil backroom behind the machine head
RequirementGood impact resistance and wear resistance


Tungsten Carbide inserts, carbide buttons, are experts for tough hard rock.

As industrial teeth, is a good choice for wear resistant tools. They are assembled for shield tunneling boring machine head.

Generally, a group of shield machine head loaded 30-40 units or more for operation based on the use of shield mechanical equipment. And, tungsten carbide inserts are bolted and can be replaced from the soil backroom behind the machine head.

It has complex application environment, engaged in underground tunneling, used in tunnel, subway and other projects with unclear geological components, and high-power equipment such as propulsion force and shear force, which requires the tungsten carbide inserts to have good impact resistance and wear resistance. The size specification is: φ18*φ16*r5*30


Spherical buttons for tri-cone drill bits

Spherical Carbide Button Inserts for tri - cone drill bits 0




Mainly Usage:

Tunneling Boring Machine, in short, TBM is the ideal machine for tunnelling in hard rock, like building subway, railway, highway, municipal, hydropower and other tunnel projects.

And according to different geology of the "tailored" type of design and manufacturing, the reliability requirements are extremely high.

Spherical Carbide Button Inserts for tri - cone drill bits 1

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