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Sawing Wood PCD Saw Blades / Veneer Diamond Saw Blades Tooth Shape

Name: Veneer Diamond Saw Blade
Pin Ceramic Nozzle: Costum
Tungsten Steel Slider Insert Head: Costum
Type: Veneer Diamond Saw Blade
Model: Woodworking Diamond Saw Blade
Tungsten Steel Pin: Double-hole Insert Head
High Light: woodworking saw blades, diamond saw blades
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With the development of the economy, the market demand for shaped wood is growing, and it is developing rapidly, also there are many types of tools. For the processing of shaped wood, all kinds of tools such as sawing, cutting, milling and drilling tools should be used, with many specifications and complicated structure. At present, most of our products have been produced in China, but they will be further increased and improved in terms of quality, variety and specifications. For small diamond saw blades, the domestic production has been produced for many years, with a stable production quality , and there has been a certain amount of exports, which should be promoted and applied. The diamond saw blade for ultra thin plates has yet to be developed and has great market potential.


The diamond woodworking saw blade as we usually called , it is mainly used for sawing wood. According to its scope , it mainly differs from the tooth shape of the saw blade. The diamond woodworking saw blade ’tooth shape is generally called left and right teeth, also called alternating teeth. Its advantage of high efficiency sawing and is not easy to burn, and it is not easy to be sucked by the wood. Moreover, the number of teeth should be properly selected according to different cutting material and cutting method . It is necessary to use a saw blade with different numbers of teeth, but the cutting saw blade, such as a melamine plate, has a flat tooth. Cutting aluminum saw blades, the tooth shape is generally flat teeth, also known as high and low teeth or large and small teeth. The teeth ‘s characteristic is that it is not easy to break , crack , and precise sawing. The blade tip has high strength, is not easy to collapse, with good sharpness, and excellent physical properties and long service life.


Today, we focus on the woodworking diamond saw blade, which is widely used in the cutting various plates, such as: plate furniture cutting, fine wood, anti double plate (combe), particle board , MDF, ecological board, fire board, veneer, high and medium density board, laminate flooring, melamine veneer, aluminum composite panel, electronic circuit board, PCB circuit board, etc. It’s mainly used for reciprocating saws, panel saws or electronic cutting saws. The diamond woodworking saw blade has many excellent performances, strong stability,more wear resistant,and it can maximize the production efficiency of the electronic cutting saw ‘s unique advantage.


Technical Parameters


Diamond is a hard tool material, which is 50-150 times harder than hard alloy materials. In the wood processing, especially particle board, veneer, high medium density board, MDF, fire board, wood floor and other materials containing impurities and high hardness. At present, the best alloy saw blades must be replaced for half a day or one day. Frequent tool changes every day which seriously affects production, and the cost of saw blades is greatly improved. At the same time, the processing quality of the products is reduced. PCD diamond saw blade has high hardness, excellent wear resistance, high toughness, high heat resistance, and its service life is 50 times that of cemented carbide saw blade. A PCD diamond super hard saw blade is better than 50 sheets. Imported alloy saw blade, PCD is resistant to acid, the knife edge is not easy to passivate, sharper, cutting quality is good, reducing the time of knife change and grinding, reducing production cost and improving processing quality and efficiency.


Configuration advantage


Zhuzhou Sanxin Cemented Carbide Production Co., Ltd., as a professional R&D and manufacturing team of woodworking pcd diamond saw blades, its remarkable advantages in woodworking diamond saw blades are mainly reflected in the long service life, long lasting cutting, and can continue for high density sheet metal processing operations. 300-400 hours, hardness up to 10000HV. Therefore, diamond saw blades have made tremendous contributions in the woodworking industry and have great potential and competitiveness in this industry. PCD diamond saw blade is a competitive cutting tool in today's high precision machining industry, a development direction of product transformation and upgrading. For more information on diamond saw blades

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