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SZ100 Carbide Disc Cutter For PCB Circuit Board Cutting Operation

Name: Carbide Disc Cutter
Pin Ceramic Nozzle: Costum
Tungsten Steel Slider Insert Head: Costum
Type: Carbide Cutting Tool
Model: Carbide Disc Cutter
Tungsten Steel Pin: Double-hole Insert Head
High Light: carbide disc cutter, paper cutter blade
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Zhuzhou cemented carbide disc cutter cut legs blade, Zhuzhou Sanxin carbide inserts honorably provide PCB circuit board cutting operation tool.

As one of the representatives of superhard tools, carbide tools are powerful cutting tools. With the development of the electronics industry, the demand for PCB carbide tools has also been continuously developed.

Zhuzhou cemented carbide tools started early and developed rapidly. The complete cemented carbide tool industry chain cluster has been gradually improved to meet the needs of the current economic and social development of manufacturing of metal cutting tools. Zhuzhou Sanxin Carbide Disc Cutter has many years of experience in providing high quality disc cutting tools for customers who are in need. Based on quality and service, we can meet the needs of different customers and friends for the use of carbide cutting tools.


The circuit board cut legs blade of the carbide disc cutter is mainly used for the cutting the electronic circuit board insert pin, the soldering foot and the lead foot.

Product specifications: φ250/φ200×φ70×3.5 Product grade: SZ100, SZ80.5, SZ70, SZ60

Product hardness: 90.6 (HRA) ~ 92.3 (HRA) Product strength: 2350 (N / mm2) ~ 2850 (N / mm2)


Configuration advantage


As a professional manufacturer of Zhuzhou cemented carbide tools, we manufacture hard alloy cut leg machine disc cutters. Based on the cutting operation market of PCB electronics industry, we are backed by the solid strength of Zhuzhou cemented carbide tool industry. We believe that the power of the brand provide cutting tools for your production and processing operations.


After sales service


Zhuzhou Sanxin Cemented Carbide Production Co., Ltd. promise:

1. Each piece of the factory blade will have a digital security identification code to ensure that you are buying the original authenticity produced by Zhuzhou Sanxin Company.

2. The customer will complete the product delivery within one working day after the order is placed. The specific method is mainly based on express delivery.

3. All the cut legs blades that are manufactured by our company will have detailed instructions for use.

4. Based on the use characteristics and applicability of the carbide cut legs blade, we solemnly promise that after customer first using the cut legs blade (ie, does not sharpen the knife after use), comes out the applicability is not strong, we provide replacement, return and technology guided services to meet customer needs.

5. We are committed to quality production and integrity.

6. Our company can provide customers with detailed cut legs blade use solutions.

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