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Progressive Punching Die Carbide Mold According To Drawings Or Samples

Name: Carbide (tungsten Steel) Progressive Punching Die
Pin Ceramic Nozzle: Costum
Tungsten Steel Slider Insert Head: Costum
Type: Carbide (Tungsten Steel) Progressive Die
Model: Carbide (tungsten Steel) Progressive Punching Die
Tungsten Steel Pin: Double-hole Insert Head
High Light: carbide wire drawing dies, progressive punching die
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We provide high-quality hard alloy (tungsten steel) progressive punching die, can be processed according to drawings or samples.


The cemented carbide (tungsten steel) progressive die produced by our company is highly recognized by the customers for its excellent performance, high quality and affordable price.

The unique production process effectively controls the internal stress of the large-size mold material and avoids the cracking of the cutting process.

The unique alloy material enhances the corrosion resistance of the alloy during electrical processing and improves the performance and service life of the mold.


Technical parameters:


Application and performance of the cemented carbide (tungsten steel) graded blanking die material

GradeCo%Hardness HRADensity g/cm³Bending strength Mpa

Elastic Modulus


Applicable punching materials
SX101091.714.44300490A sheet of copper, aluminum or the like having a thickness of less than 0.2 mm.
SX151292.514.14500460Sheets of copper, aluminum and stainless steel.
SX201390.614.14100460Sheets of copper, aluminum and so on. Highly versatility.
SX35A1289.814.23400470Cold rolled sheet such as Q195 and SPCC
SX361589.413.83900430EI film, SPCC board, etc.
SX40A1288.914.23300470Cold rolled sheet such as Q195 and SPCC
SX45A1587.913.93200440Silicon steel sheet, cold rolled sheet, etc.
SX552086.413.53100390Silicon steel sheet, upper and lower punch



  • The professional material engineer selects the material grade and superfine particle raw powder according to your requirements.
  • Advanced precision processing equipment + unique process.
  • high wear resistance, long service life, greatly reducing the frequency of edge grinding and maintenance.


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