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Precision Tungsten Carbide Production Tools / Dynamic Mold Tungsten Steel Insert Pin

Name: Tungsten Carbide Production Tools
Size: Costum
High: Costum
Feature: Precision
Model: Dynamic Mold Tungsten Steel Insert Pin
Tungsten Steel Pin: Double-hole Insert Head
High Light: hardened steel pins, tungsten carbide parts
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Precision Tungsten Carbide Production / Dynamic Mold Tungsten Steel Insert Pin




Tungsten steel inserts are non-standard custom-made according to the requirements of customers' precision mold equipment, we can produce and process hard alloy moving mold inserts, hard alloy slide inserts, tungsten steel movable mold inserts, tungsten steel slide inserts, etc. to be used with precision plastic molds, multi-station combination molds, etc.

Mold is a kind of industrial production and batch operation equipment, especially high-quality and high-precision molds is the premise to improve production efficiency. The precision parts for high-precision molds are indispensable for normal operation, especially for some precision work with the requirements for tungsten steel inserts pins or precision moving inserts pins. Our company can provide a variety of high-precision parts and tungsten steel pin series products.

This tungsten steel insert pin and precision mold insert pin is processed according to customer's drawings. The dimension is: φ0.129 * φ0.26 * φ0.6 * 19.50, belonging to super-precision fine tungsten steel insert pin. The tolerance of the insert head (φ0.129) is ±0.001. The concentricity requires to be 0.002, and the R angle between φ0.260 and φ0.129 requires to be 0.122. These precision dimensions are required to achieve high-quality products. This tungsten steel inserts pin series require overall consistency and are to be caused together.


Technical parameters:


Tungsten steel insert pin precision mold inserts pin are customized according to customer's drawing, and qualified data reports are provided together. Sharp tools make good work. The high-quality tungsten steel material has been processed into moving die pin. The finished product has passed the dimensional inspection to meet the tolerance requirements. The whole procedures are strict and precise, ensuring that each dimension meets the requirements of the drawings. We can provide tungsten steel insert pin precision mold insert pin testing data reports together with the products to facilitate the customer's actual inspection.




High-quality materials are a good way to improve production efficiency and standards. As insert pin manufacturing products, the performance of tungsten-steel insert-pin is excellent. As tungsten steel insert pin used for precision molds, the consistency is a key factor that directly affects the service life of the mold and the dimensional accuracy of the product. The production and processing of tungsten steel insert pin is according to the requirements of the drawings, to meet the dimensional accuracy.

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