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PCD DCGT070202-1FL PCD Turning Inserts Tools For CNC Lathe Holder

Brand Name: IsCarbide
Model Number: PCD DCGT Series Inserts
Customized Support: OEM, ODM, OBM
Standard: ISO
Product Type: PCD Turning Inserts
Insert Body: Tungsten Carbide
Coating: Un-coating
Hardness: 10000HV
Tips: PCD
Tips Color: Black
Tips Machining: Brazed
Grade: High Grade Diamond
Usage: High Speed Turning
Applicable Material: Aluminum Alloys And Non-ferrous Metals Etc
Compatible Machine: CNC Lathe And Other High-speed Machines.
Machining Type: Semi-Finishing/Finishing
High Light: DCGT070202-1FL PCD Turning Inserts, PCD Turning Inserts Tools, CNC pcd turning tools
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PCD DCGT070202-1FL Turning Inserts,PCD Inserts Turning Tool For CNC Lathe Holder


PCD Application Field:

First of all, we should know that PCD(POLYCRYSTALINE DIAMOND INSERTS) is the hardest man made material, which is known for its superb hardness and high wear resistance. Drow offers various grades of PCD allowing us to find the right tool for your application. Inserts are induction brazed utilizing a controlled heating process.


Common Applications For PCD:
• High speed milling of aluminum alloy and non-ferrous metals such as brass,bronze, Zinc and magnesium alloys etc
• High speed milling of glass fiber and plastics
• Carbon Fiber
• Epoxy resins
• Graphite composites


Name Rule of Turning Inserts:

PCD DCGT070202-1FL PCD Turning Inserts Tools For CNC Lathe Holder 0


Product Details--- PCD DCGT

  • Excellent material: Material of insert body 100% original carbide powder while tips is the highest material -- PCD. You can refer to below “Material Property
  • Property: PCD possesses high wear-resistant, outstanding hardness,excellent chipping resistance and extraordinary edge sharpening performance, so that it allows faster machining and leaves better surface on metal parts
  • Perfect fit: High precision machining so that adapt to holder perfectly.It is not easy to produce micro-vibration during processing on the holder.
  • Customization: If standard stock cannot meet your demands, please attach CAD drawings/3D drawings for your inquiry, thank you.


Product Features:

1. Promote machining efficiency and leaves better surface on metal parts.

2. Induction brazed utilizing a controlled heating process.
3. Imported machine tool precision grinding

4. Widely use in high speed machining of aluminum alloy and non-ferrous metals

5. Durable.Reduce the downtime required to change edges and easily to be replaced

6.The base material imported from Europe has better oxidation resistance and wear resistance.
7. Customized insert design.Different dimensions and material grade are available.
Carbide inserts produced by We Drow realize efficiency machining and long tool life, which are popular and well-feedback all over the world.


Product Specification:

Part NumberIn Stock
PCD DCGT_070202-1FLY
Attention:The above are our standard production size and standard stock specifications, the size details can be processed separately according to customer requirements.


Material Property:

PCD DCGT070202-1FL PCD Turning Inserts Tools For CNC Lathe Holder 1


Quality Inspection:

PCD DCGT070202-1FL PCD Turning Inserts Tools For CNC Lathe Holder 2


Why choose us:
1.Technical innovation: Complex surfaces and functional structures can be quickly formed and kept accurate.
2.Processing speed: Short production cycle, fast delivery time, to ensure delivery on time according to the delivery date.
3.Product quality: High quality guaranteed.High precision, up to 0.005-0.001mm.
4.Confidentiality system: Triple confidentiality measures to protect, proofing more assured.
5.Fully equipped: Excellent processing capacity, multiple production lines, advanced equipment, professional supporting facilities.
6.Cost-effective: Reasonable design and material selection lead us to a competitive price, so that could help provide you more favorable price of the same level products .



Q1: Who are we?
A:We are based in Guangdong Province, China, start from 2010,sell to Western Europe(10.00%),North America(20.00%),Eastern Europe(20.00%),Southeast Asia(40.00%),Africa(10.00%). There are total about 51-100 people in our factory.

Q2. Can you send products to our Forwarder in China?

A: Yes,if you have Forwarder in China,we will glad to send products to him/her.

Q3: What about the package?
A: We use plastic boxes to pack our products, and filled plastic is shockproof and transported in cartons. also It can make as you need and depend on the shapes of the product.

Q4:Is your company accept customization?

A: OEM and ODM are available. And we have our own professional R&D team servicing for you.

Q5: What's your delivery way?

A: According to the requirements of customers,we will provide the best transportation service


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