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ODM OEM Cemented Carbide Tungsten Carbide Nozzles

Type: Construction Tool Parts,wear Resistant Parts,tungsten Carbide Wear Resistance
Material: 100% Virgin Tungsten Carbide,Tungsten Carbide WC+Co
Size: Customized,OEM Accepted,Customer Requst
Surface: Finish,rough Grinding,Polished Grinding
Grade: YK05/YK06/YG8/YG20,YG11,etc
Shape: Spray Nozzles
Service: OEM & ODM
High Light: ODM Tungsten Carbide Nozzles, Polished Grinding Tungsten Carbide Nozzles, YG20 Cemented Carbide Nozzles
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ODM OEM Cemented Carbide Tungsten Carbide Nozzles

Zhuzhou Sanxin Cemented Carbide Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Located at No.8 Zhongxue Road, Baiguan Town, Lusong District, Zhuzhou 412102, Hunan, China.

It's a reliable and professional wolfram carbide nozzles, spray head parts manufacture with custom services.

Like these nozzles sold in big quantity in Brazil, it was initially made by customer's hand drawings.

After deeply discussion and professional advices from our technician team, the inner hole diameter and depth was confirmed finally.

Key Points:

Carbide Grade

YG8, YG10, YG15, G10, K30, K40, etc

Raw Material100% virgin tungsten carbide powder, quality Cobalt powder.
ProcessingSintering, Grinding, Polishinig, etc.
ReplacementCan be replaced
RequirementGood impact resistance and wear resistance
Other GradeDensity(g/cm3)Hardness(HRA)MPa

Basic properties:

1. High hardness and high wear resistance

2. High elastic modulus

3. High compressive strength

4. Good chemical stability (acid and alkali corrosion, high temperature oxidation)

5. Low impact toughness

6. Low expansion coefficient. The thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity is similar to iron and its alloys.

We mainly cooperate with China national laboratories.

In April 2022, China Lunar Exploration Project, our cooperation begins with a kind of tungsten carbide drilling part for China lunar rover named 'Jade Rabbit' Chang'e-6.

The samples work well, after two months of efforts, we finally put the carbide drilling part processing out.

Real producing factory view provided.

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