Non Standard Tungsten Carbide Processing Valve Seat High Temperature Resistance

Name: Tungsten Carbide Processing Valve Seat
Pin Ceramic Nozzle: Costum
Tungsten Steel Slider Insert Head: Costum
Type: Valve Seat
Model: Carbide Valve Pair
Feature: High Temperature Resistance
High Light: tungsten carbide production, tungsten carbide parts, Tungsten Carbide Processing Valve Seat
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Non Standard Tungsten Carbide Processing Valve Seat High Temperature Resistance




We can produce non-standard customized oil valve seat, petroleum valve ball, petroleum valve pair and other series of wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant tungsten carbide parts.


Carbide valve ball valve pair is derived from the traditional plug valve. The opening and closing parts are a sphere ball, which is through the ball around the stem axis to achieve the purpose of opening and closing. The main function of the carbide ball in the pipeline is to cut off, distribute and change the direction of the medium flow. The ball valve designed into other special structures can also realize the function of flow regulation. The high-precision custom-made cemented carbide valve ball valve seat is used in oil drilling, deep-sea drilling, which is a key part of the pump.


Technical parameters:


Product Name
Non Standard Tungsten Carbide Processing Valve Seat High Temperature Resistance
tress release,HIP treated
Product status
nickel white,tungsten black
YG6, YG6X, YG8, YG8x, YG8A, YG8N, YG10, YG13X, YG13, YG15X, YG15, YG18X, YG18, YG20, YG20C, YG25, YG25C, YN7, YN9, YN13, YN15, YN18, YN20,YN25
Surface treatment
blank,ground,polished&as requirement
Hard hardness,wear resistance,corrosion resistance,toughness,shock resistance




As one of the main geological exploration targets, petroleum is a viscous, dark brown liquid, also called "industrial blood". It is a non-renewable raw material. The more scientific and effective oil exploitation method will be inevitable of the socio-economic development. In the process of oil exploitation and transportation, the mian reasons of the pump ball malfunction includes wear, corrosion, fatigue cracks, collapse and so on. These reasons make the valve ball materials (such as bearing steel, ceramics, etc.) failed prematurely, greatly reducing service life. Ball bearing steel is easily corroded by liquid and the wear resistance is poor. Ceramic bearings are brittle materials with poor impact toughness and are prone to chipping. However, the cemented carbide valve ball valve seat, with the advantages of high hardness, high density, high strength, good flexural strength, impact toughness and stable chemical properties, make the using performance highly beyond other materials. Excellent wear and corrosion resistance of carbide valve ball greatly improve drilling efficiency, extend the service time and reduce operating costs.

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