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Industrial Teeth Cemented Carbide Tool / Tungsten Steel Cuting Tool

Name: Carbide (tungsten Steel) Tool
Pin Ceramic Nozzle: Costum
Tungsten Steel Slider Insert Head: Costum
Type: Tungsten Steel Cuting Tool
Model: Carbide Tool
Tungsten Steel Pin: Double-hole Insert Head
High Light: carbide disc cutter, paper cutter blade
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The invention and application of cemented carbide materials is a revolution in the history of modern materials. It is called "industrial teeth", which fully demonstrates that human ability to transform nature increases with the improvement of tool materials. As a cutting tool, cemented carbide tools are widely used in all aspects of modern manufacturing, and are leading the high-quality development of the metal cutting market with their excellent performance.

With the economic and social development and the specific use of production and manufacturing, the service requirements of cemented carbide tools are becoming more and more obvious. Similar to machine tools, customers not only need the tools themselves, but also the perfect cutting requirements,especially for the high-end cutting tool market, which is mainly made of cemented carbide tools. Therefore, for Zhuzhou cemented carbide tool manufacturers like us, the sales can not only describe the performance index and physical parameters of the simple tool itself, but also need to study the material of the workpiece to be processed by the customer, combined with the production cost, propose a system solution.


Cemented carbide tools has become a professional tool for improving the efficiency of industrial manufacturing from industrial consumables. In the current economic form, there is a certain percentage reduction in the cost of tooling customers, but the demand for service is always increasing. For cemented carbide tool manufacturers, the increase in material costs and the rise in labor costs urgently need to raise prices to maintain operations, which is very contradictory. The service requirements for carbide tools are also the mainstream requirements for development.

Carbide tool products are widely divided into electronic industry tools, woodworking tools, CNC tools, welding knives, machine clamping blades and non-standard shaped tools, to meet the production and processing requirements of different industries, of course, mechanical production and processing Use mainly. Based on quality and focus on brand, Zhuzhou Sanxin Carbide Tools provides non-standard carbide tool production wholesale custom-made customized services, guiding carbide tools to become the main force in the cutting market, relying on advances in science and technology to improve productivity!


Technical Parameters


Carbide tools are ultra-hard tools, widely used in the manufacturing industry. They are made of hard alloy materials and are processed into various sizes of cutting tools for industrial manufacturing.

The specific classification of cemented carbide tools is broad. It is based on metal cutting tool materials and is widely used as a super-hard tool, especially for cutting common metal materials.Carbide tools have become excellent in their performance and the most powerful tool in the industry. Carbide tools are widely used in the manufacturing industry for cutting, such as electronic industry blades, woodworking tools, CNC tools, welding knives, machine-clamping blades and non-standard shaped tools, to meet the production and processing requirements of different industries,mainly used in mechanical production and processing. Along with the economic and social development requirements, coupled with the guidance of the “Twelfth Five - Year Plan” for the high end development of the equipment manufacturing industry, high-performance, high-addition, high-usage cemented carbide tools are also constantly evolving. The latest hard alloy machine clamping hole processing tool uses a mixed high-cobalt (13%) ultra-fine grain size matrix with a hard phase grain of 0.2+0.5+0.8μm, which greatly improves the strength and hardness of the tool base material. The jaw geometry and clamping of the integral bit strength, as well as the original drill tip design and high performance titanium nitride and titanium aluminide nanophysical coatings, provide excellent cutting performance.


Configuration advantage


As a professional manufacturer of Zhuzhou cemented carbide tools, our company relies on Zhuzhou cemented carbide production technology as the basis, and Zhuzhou cemented carbide industrial chain as a solid backing, taking Zhuzhou cemented carbide tool industry forward-looking technology as the benchmark, custom-made non-standard carbide inserts are available according to the drawings or samples required for the use of carbides. The cemented carbide produced by our company involves all walks of life, has rich production experience and good performance, and is your first choice for cutting.


After sales service


Professional knife, there must be a trick, Zhuzhou Sanxin carbide tools based on quality, focus on the brand, to create Zhuzhou cemented carbide tool quality supply system and services, welcome customers and friends in need to discuss!




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