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High Density Tungsten W90Ni6Fe Rod Anti Vibration Wear Resistant

Name: Tungsten Alloy Rod
Surface Condition: Blank Or Grinding
Tungsten Steel Slider Insert Head: Customized
Type: W90Ni6Fe Tungsten Bar
Model: W90NiFe4 Tungsten Alloy Bar
Size: OEM Accepted
High Light: Tungsten W90Ni6Fe Rod, Anti Vibration Tungsten Alloy Rod, Wear Resistant Tungsten W90Ni6Fe Rod
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High Density Anti-Vibration Wear-Resistant Tungsten W90Ni6Fe Rod ​


Description of W-Ni-Fe/W-Ni-Cu Tungsten Alloy Tube:

High density tungsten alloys are usually composed of tungsten-nickel-iron or tungsten-nickel-copper or even tungsten-nickel-copper-iron. Some tungsten alloys also add other metal elements such as cobalt, molybdenum, and cadmium. It can be made into various shapes. High specific gravity tungsten alloy tubes are usually used to make nuclear radiation shields, military products, such as counterweights for hunting guns, hunting equipment, missiles, armor-piercing projectiles, and oil drilling counterweights, etc.



Our company is specializing in producing and manufacturing hard alloy insert pins for precision mold customers. It is used with electronic ceramic injection molds. The precision requirements are very high, and the perfect consistency of products is the primary standard of this set of products. The tungsten carbide punching pin equipped in electronic ceramic precision mold is used in large number, and each insert pin is required to maintain good consistency. This requires that the finishing process must strictly control each processing procedure. Our company can produce the hard alloy insert pins according to the requirements of the precision mold manufacturer. The consistency of the products can be guaranteed, and the tolerance requirements are +0.002. The finish of the punch needles is required to be 0.2, which meets the highest requirements of applications in electronic ceramic injection molds.



High Density Tungsten W90Ni6Fe Rod Anti Vibration Wear Resistant 0

Packaging & Shipping

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