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High Chemical Hardness Carbide Mold / Carbide Cold Heading Die

Name: Carbide Cold Heading Die
Pin Ceramic Nozzle: Costum
Tungsten Steel Slider Insert Head: Costum
Type: Cold Heading Mold
Model: Carbide (tungsten Steel) Mold
Tungsten Steel Pin: Double-hole Insert Head
High Light: cold heading dies, progressive punching die
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The scientific treatment improves the strength and toughness of the cemented carbide and increases fatigue strength and impact resistance. The products are obtained high recognition by our customers.


      The tungsten steel cold die produced by our company has the following advantages:


  • The professional material engineer selects the material grade and superfine particle raw powder according to your requirements.
  • The metallographic structure of the blank product, which is pressed and sintered by professional equipment and unique processing technology, has good compactness, accurate blank size, easy processing and less material loss during processing.
  • The molding products use advanced precision equipment and ultra-precision processing technology. Every product is tested by ultrasonic flaw detection, without blisters and gas.
  • High chemical hardness, high flexural strength, good impact toughness and corrosion resistance.
  • Good toughness, high temperature resistance, high wear resistance, long service life, can greatly improve production efficiency and effectively reduce production costs.
  • sharp edge, high finish, no burring and curling, can significantly improve the grade of processed products.



The tungsten steel cold heading die produced by our company has excellent performance, stable quality, and low cost. We are not only more professional in material selection, but also the products have longer service life and high efficiency.

The mold structure is more reasonable, and the installation and maintenance are more convenient.

Packaging & Shipping

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