Customized Virgin Tungsten Carbide Processing Drill Bit

Carbide Grade: K20, K30, YG15, YG10, YG8...
Material: 100% Virgin Tungsten Carbide
Application: High Hardness And Wear Resistance
Product Name: Tungsten Carbide Ring
Type: Tool Wearing Parts
Service: OEM & ODM
Surface: Blanks Or Polished Grinding
High Light: Virgin Tungsten Carbide Processing, Customized Tungsten Carbide Processing, K20 Tungsten Carbide Drill Bit
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Customized Tungsten Carbide Drill Bit


Sanxin Tungsten Carbide Manufacture, an expert who've been specialized in Carbide bits, blades, and OEM parts industry for 20 years.

1,National high-tech enterprise certification
2,Processing High tolerance accuracy ±0.002mm

Wear-resistant, heat-resistant and anti-corrosion


Tungsten carbid grade: K20, K10, K30 or other appointed high quality carbid grade

Non-magnetic carbide material can also be made for forming moulds of magnetic materials, with high hardness, long service life, good wear resistance and strong resistance to corrosion.

Customized Virgin Tungsten Carbide Processing Drill Bit 0

Customized Virgin Tungsten Carbide Processing Drill Bit 1



Cemented carbide wearing parts, also called wolfram carbide (WC) parts, are a commonly used high-end ring in the hardware machinery industry, because of its high hardness, good toughness, superior high and low temperature wear resistance, small adhesion, good corrosion resistance, high thermal conductivity, less friction coefficient, and acid and alkali corrosion resistance does not rust, easy maintenance and other characteristics.

With its good toughness, high temperature resistance and high wear resistance, the service life is 10~50 times longer than the general metal parts.


Basic properties:

1. High hardness and high wear resistance

2. High elastic modulus

3. High compressive strength

4. Good chemical stability (acid and alkali corrosion, high temperature oxidation)

5. Low impact toughness

6. Low expansion coefficient. The thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity is similar to iron and its alloys.


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