Customized Tungsten Carbide Processing Density 14.41 ~ 14.95 g/cm³

Model: Tungsten Steel Slider Inserts
Type: Tungsten Steel Pin Ceramic Nozzle
Tungsten Steel Slider Insert Head: φ0.128 (±0.001)
Tungsten Steel Pin: Double-hole Insert Head
High Light: tungsten carbide tools, tungsten carbide parts, Customized Tungsten Carbide Processing
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We can provide non-standard customized cemented carbide die cavity. The precision can be ±0.002 to meet the customers’ application requirements. High wear resistance is the basic requirement for die products, especially for progressive dies, combined dies and multi-station dies. The excellent performance of tungsten steel die cavity materials is the guarantee for long-term operation. As a tool material, tungsten steel is a great choice for die products due to its high hardness, high strength and high wear resistance. We can provide non-standard customized cemented carbide die cavity according to the customer's specific drawings, and the precision tolerances can meet the operation requirements.


The selection of tungsten steel grades is the basis of production of customized tungsten steel die cavities. Die products with special usages should use tungsten steel materials. Compared with traditional steel dies, the production and processing of tungsten steel die cavity require better equipment and technical experience to ensure the precision level. Tungsten steel die machining is mainly customized according to the drawings. From the pressing and sintering of raw material to the completion of precision finished products, it requires a relatively long production time. Therefore, customers with demands for tungsten steel die cavity need to contact in advance to ensure enough processing time, avoiding delaying normal operations. Especially Large-size tungsten steel die cavities require more processing time.




According to the different usage, we provide a variety of material for the production and processing. The physical parameters of commonly used tungsten steel die materials are as follows:

1. Grain size (um): 1.0 ~ 2.0.

2. Cobalt content (Co%): 8.0 ~ 10

3. Density (g/cm³): 14.41 ~ 14.95

4. Hardness (HRA): 89.5 ~ 93

5. Bending strength (Mpa): 3200 ~ 4500

6. Young modulus (Gpa): 570 ~ 620

7. Compressive strength (Mpa): 4700


Manufacturing is the foundation of the national economy, and die are the main industrial equipment. As an important means of industrial production, the development of modern industrial products and the technical level depend to a large extent on the development of the die industry. We can provide non-standard customized tungsten steel die cavity. According to the application, we produce precision tungsten steel die to satisfy the customer’s using requirements.

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