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Customized Hardened Steel Sleeve / High Hardness Oil Drilling Seat Valve

Name: Hardened Steel Sleeve
Pin Ceramic Nozzle: Customized
Tungsten Steel Slider Insert Head: Customized
Type: High Hardness
Model: Tungsten Steel Mold
Application: Oil Drilling
High Light: hardened steel sleeves, tungsten carbide parts
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Custom Hardened Steel Sleeve / High Hardness Oil Drilling Seat Valve




Tungsten steel valve seat petroleum valve head custom production and processing. The tungsten steel valve pair series includes tungsten steel outlet valve ball and tungsten steel inlet valve ball, and tungsten steel seat valve head. The working environment and conditions in the oil drilling industry are harsh. Usually, there are some corrosive substances such as water, various gases, waxes, sands, etc. in the wells, heavy oil wells and high-pressure anti-alkali wells. The oil pump needs oil. It is extracted from several hundred or even thousands of meters of ground, which requires its valve ball and valve seat to have good sealing, wear and corrosion resistance (the valve ball and valve seat are combined and vacuumed to an absolute pressure of 0.36kgN/cm2). Below, there is no change in the absolute pressure value within 10 s). In some deep oil wells with high water content and no gas, and oil wells with strong corrosiveness and large sediment content, tungsten steel ball can better show high density, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.


Name:Hardened Steel SleevePin Ceramic Nozzle:Costum
Tungsten Steel Slider Insert Head:CostumType:High Hardness
Model:Tungsten Steel MoldApplication:Oil Drilling




As one of the main targets of geological exploration, petroleum is a viscous, dark brown liquid called "industrial blood". It is a non-renewable raw material. The more scientific and effective oil exploitation process is also the socio-economic development. Inevitable requirements. In the process of oil exploitation and transportation, the failure modes of the pump ball of the pump mainly include wear, corrosion, fatigue cracks, collapse and other reasons, which make the valve ball materials (such as bearing steel, ceramics, etc.) used in oil drilling in the past. Early failure occurs, which shortens its service life. For example, bearing steel is easily corroded by liquid and wear resistance is poor. Ceramics are brittle materials with poor impact toughness and are prone to chipping. The high hardness, high density, high strength and stable chemical properties of cemented carbide and its good flexural strength, impact toughness make the use of tungsten steel valve seat head on the upgraded oil drilling oil pump exceeds other material choices. Excellent wear and corrosion resistance greatly improves drilling efficiency, extends tool life and reduces operating costs.


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With the requirements of social and economic development and the increasing progress of science and technology, the improvement of the performance of tool materials is an effective form to improve production efficiency. Carbide seat, petroleum valve head, carbide valve pair, carbide ball valve seat will be used more and more, the types and quantities continue to increase, and towards high temperature and high pressure, high sealing, large diameter, easy Adjustment, long service life and the development of a multi-function valve. Its reliability and comprehensive performance have reached a high level, which will replace some of the gate valve, regulating valve and globe valve. In addition to the innovation of cemented carbide ball valve technology, it will be used in industrial scale production such as oil and gas pipelines and refinery crackers.


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