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Costum Tungsten Steel Blade , Tungsten Steel Disk Blad Cemented Carbide Material

Name: Zhuzhou Tungsten Steel Blade
Pin Ceramic Nozzle: Costum
Tungsten Steel Slider Insert Head: Costum
Type: Tungsten Steel Blade
Model: Zhuzhou Tungsten Steel Blade
Tungsten Steel Pin: Double-hole Insert Head
High Light: cemented carbide products, hardened steel blade
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Production description:


Tungsten steel’s excellent performance mainly includes good hardness, good abrasive resistance, high strength, high tenacity, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. Especially because of its good hardness and wear resistance, it is widely used in lashing and stretching operations. Tungsten steel blade, as called in coastal and Taiwan area, is also called cemented carbide blade, which is completely made of tungsten steel material. As cutting tool, its excellent performance makes it widely used in manufacturing industry and become a powerful aid in modern industry.


Zhuzhou tungsten steel blades are widely used in production and manufacturing, such as V-CUT cutters, foot cutters, turning cutters, milling cutters, planers, drills, boring cutters, etc. They are not only used to cut cast iron, non-ferrous metals, plastics, chemical fibers, graphite, glass, stone and ordinary steel but also used to cut refractory materials such as heat-resistant steel, stainless steel, high manganese steel and tool steel. As an industry well-known brand, Zhuzhou Tungsten Steel Blade provides strong technical support and product service for production and processing.


Our company can provide you with customized tungsten steel blade---tungsten steel disk blade, tungsten steel square blade, tungsten steel long blade, tungsten steel thin blade and tungsten steel super-thin blade. Going by customer drawings or sample parameters, based on specific use requirements of customers, our company will try our best to meet your requirement on tungsten steel blades.


Especially for PCB electronic industry cutting operations, Zhuzhou tungsten steel blades cutting tools have shown excellent performance.



Technical parameters:


Professional manufacturer of Zhuzhou tungsten steel blades, relying on the production technology of Zhuzhou cemented carbide, take the solid strength of Zhuzhou cemented carbide blade industry as backing, provides authentic Zhuzhou cemented carbide blades for manufacturing industry.


Made of cemented carbide material, according to customers’ specific use requirements and drawings, and elaborately processed by precise machining equipment, our tungsten steel blade is a perfect choice for various cutting and slitting operations. Tungsten steel blades belong to one of the categories of cemented carbide cutting tools. Based on metal cutting tool materials, cemented carbide blades are widely used as super-hard tools, especially for cutting commonly used metal materials. With its excellent performance, cemented carbide blade has become the most powerful tool in manufacturing industry. Cemented carbide blades are widely used in the production and manufacturing industry, such as electronic industry blades, woodworking cutting tools, numerical control cutting tools, welding cutters, machine clip blades and customized non-standard special-shaped cutting tools, to meet the production and processing requirements of different industries, of course, mainly of mechanical production and processing. With the development of economy and society and the guidance of "12th Five-Year Plan" to the high-end development of equipment manufacturing industry, high performance, high additional and high use value cemented carbide blades have become the direction of production development and application in new fields.


Zhuzhou is the base of tungsten steel production in China, ans its tungsten steel blade provides the strongest cutting tool in manufacturing industry.

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