Corrosion Resistant Tungsten Carbide Rod With Density Of 14.5-15.0g/Cm3

Size: Customized
Corrosion Resistance: Excellent
Product Name: Tungsten Carbide Processing
Lifespan: Long
Shape: Round, Square, Rectangular
Density: 14.5-15.0g/cm3
Hardness: HRC90-HRC95
Material: Tungsten Carbide
High Light: Corrosion Resistant Tungsten Carbide Rod, 15.0g/cm3 Tungsten Carbide Rod, HRC90 Tungsten Carbide Alloy
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Product Description:

Tungsten Carbide Processing is a machining process of tungsten carbide that provides customers with customized size and highly precise plating services. It has an extremely tolerance of ±0.01mm, and the hardness of it can reach HRC90-HRC95. With its long lifespan and excellent wear resistance, Tungsten Carbide Processing is a perfect choice for those who need high-quality tungsten carbide plating services.


Tungsten carbide is one of the hardest materials available, with exceptional hardness and superior wear resistance. It is specifically designed to withstand heavy loads, impacts, and harsh environments without deformation or failure, and has a significantly higher tool life compared to traditional materials. Additionally, tungsten carbide is highly resistant to corrosion and retains its strength and hardness even at high temperatures. As a result, it is suitable for use in various industries, from metalworking to automotive and aerospace, and can be precisely machined to achieve complex shapes with tight tolerances.

Furthermore, tungsten carbide offers a cost-effective solution for many applications, as its extended tool life, reduced downtime, and increased productivity can significantly reduce replacement costs in the long run. It also has excellent thermal conductivity to dissipate heat efficiently and reduce the risk of thermal damage. Therefore, it is no surprise that tungsten carbide processing is a popular choice in manufacturing, due to its superior properties and ample versatility.

 Technical Parameters:
MaterialTungsten Carbide
Corrosion ResistanceExcellent
Product NameTungsten Carbide Processing
Heat Resistance≤900℃
ShapeRound, Square, Rectangular
Uses of Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten carbide has various applications across a vast array of industries. Specifically in industry, it’s used to make hardened tips and cutting edges for drills, end mills, taps, reamers and other tooling used in material removal processes. In addition, it is also used to make threading dies, forming and stamping dies used to shape metals and plastics, wear parts for bulldozers, blades, conveyor skip plates, chute liners and orthopedic implants. It has numerous aquatic applications, such as drill bits used to efficiently drill through hard rock formations underwater. Moreover, tungsten carbide is used in wind turbines for coating or inserts, exploration equipment like cores and bits, abrasives, and in the jewelry industry for decorative components.

 Support and Services:
Tungsten Carbide Processing Technical Support and Services

At XYZ, we provide comprehensive technical support and services for Tungsten Carbide Processing. Our qualified professionals will help you understand the process and will work with you to ensure that your products meet the highest standards of quality.

We offer a wide range of services, including:

  • Design consultation and advice
  • Process optimization and troubleshooting
  • Technical training and support
  • Product testing and certification
  • Equipment installation and maintenance
  • Parts and materials sourcing and procurement

We strive to provide the best possible customer service and support. If you have any questions or concerns about Tungsten Carbide Processing, please contact us today.

 Packing and Shipping:

Tungsten Carbide Processing Packaging and Shipping

We package our Tungsten Carbide products by placing them in appropriate containers for safe transport and storage. Each container is labeled with the appropriate product information and is securely closed to ensure the safety of the product. All containers are placed in sturdy cardboard boxes for further protection during transit.

Shipping is done through a variety of services depending on the customer's needs and location. We offer both domestic and international shipping services, with transit times varying depending on the destination. We also offer expedited shipping services for customers who need their orders quickly.

Packaging & Shipping

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