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Circuit Board Cemented Carbide Blade / Component Foot Cutter Blade

Name: Circuit Board Cemented Carbide Blade
Pin Ceramic Nozzle: Costum
Tungsten Steel Slider Insert Head: Costum
Type: Cemented Carbide Blade
Model: Circuit Board Cemented Carbide Blade
Tungsten Steel Pin: Double-hole Insert Head
High Light: cemented carbide products, hardened steel blade
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Circuit board cemented carbide blade, electronic circuit board component foot cutter blade, is made of solid cemented carbide material and its edge is elaborately sharpened by high-precision processing equipment. Circuit board cemented carbide blade is mainly used for cutting PCB component foot, electronic foot and plug-in foot on the foot cutter.


Circuit board is the basic carrier of all electronic products. Therefore, PCB processing is also the basic procedure of electronic manufacturing. Circuit board cemented carbide blade, the perfect cutting weapon in electronic industry, is of great importance in cutting circuit board. Circuit board cemented carbide blades are used with PCB foot cutter. The main specifications are 8 inch φ200×φ70×3.5mm and 10 inch φ250×φ70×3.5mm. They are mainly used for plug-in electronic manufacturing.


With the extensive development of electronic industry, the market demand for printed circuit boards has been increasing. The generation of circuit board cemented carbide blade also marks a developing step in cutting tools. There are two main forms of circuit board production: one is the solder foot with plug-ins, the other is the direct moulding of patches. Because of the high-end production equipment and high investment required for patch production, most of the manufacturers still choose PCB cemented carbide foot cutting blades.


The development of LED industry also has an effect on the usage of PCB blade. The cemented carbide V-CUT blade for V-slot V-CUT operation of LED circuit board has also become the main cutting tool. It is mainly used for circuit board V-CUT operation of fiberglass board, PCB board, circuit board, aluminium board and other circuit boards on V-CUT machines.


Based on quality, focus on brand. Our company can provide you with high performance circuit board cemented carbide blades.


Technical parameters


circuit board cemented carbide blade


Product name: circuit board cemented carbide blade

Product model: Φ200×Φ70×3.5; Φ250×Φ70×3.5

Model number: SZ100~SZ60

Product hardness: 91.3(HRA)~89(HRA)

Product density: 14.95~17.7(g/cm³)

Bending strength: 2250~2850 (N/mm2)
Product packaging: Black Box, Aluminum Box


Configuration advantages


We are professional circuit board cemented carbide blade manufacturers. Guided by the market demand of PCB cutting tools, we have been focusing on the production and manufacture of PCB carbide foot cutting blades for many years. We has kept our foothold in the market with our product quality and service, meanwhile providing various kinds of cemented carbide foot cutting blades with different performance for electronic manufacturing enterprises. In order to meet the need of different customers, we not only provide you with cemented carbide foot cutting blade, but also some related products like foot cutter, knife grinder, knife bowl, etc. Our one package service, free you from the troubles in choosing and purchasing a wide range of products, can thoroughly solve your worries.


Post-sale service


Zhuzhou sanxing Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd. solemnly promise you:

1. Each blade manufactured by our company will have a digital safety identification code to ensure that you buy the genuine products produced by our company.

2. We will complete the product delivery within a single working day after you place an order, mainly by express delivery.

3. Every foot cutting blade from our company will have detailed instructions for its use.

4. Based on the characteristics and applicability of tungsten steel foot cutting blade, we solemnly promise: after the first use of the foot cutting blade (even if it is not sharpened after use), the customer thinks that the applicability is not strong. We provide the service of exchange, return and technical guidance to meet the customer's use needs.

5. We have high quality production and good faith service.

6. Our company can provide you with detailed solutions for the use of foot cutting blades.

Packaging & Shipping

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