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Cemented Carbide Tungsten Steel Powder Metallurgy Pressing Die

Name: Cemented Carbide (tungsten Steel) Powder Metallurgy Pressing Die
Pin Ceramic Nozzle: Costum
Tungsten Steel Slider Insert Head: Costum
Type: Cemented Carbide (tungsten Steel) Powder Metallurgy Mold
Model: Hard Alloy (tungsten Steel) Powder Metallurgy Mold
Tungsten Steel Pin: Double-hole Insert Head
High Light: carbide wire drawing dies, cold heading dies
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We provide high-quality hard alloy (tungsten steel) powder metallurgy mold, can be customized according to drawings or samples.


The cemented carbide (tungsten steel) powder metallurgy pressing die produced by our company has the advantages of full densification, high wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It is the ideal power material for pressing die, such as magnetic powder, ceramic powder, refractory metal powder, iron-copper-based powder, etc.


Technical parameters:


The application and performance of the cemented carbide (tungsten steel) powder metallurgy mold material

GradeCo%Density g/cm³Hardness HRABending strength Mpa

Elastic Modulus


SX05B6.514.891.52800525Good wear resistance, suitable for simple cavity mold.
SX30914.690.53200500Highly versatile, suitable for soft magnetic materials, iron-based, copper-based powder molds.
SX101014.4924000490Ultra-fine grain alloy, excellent wear resistance and strength, highly versatility, suitable for soft magnetic, iron-based and copper-based powder molds.
SX201314.290.54000460Ultra-fine grain, moderate hardness, high strength, good wear resistance, suitable for relatively complicated shaped molds.
SX40A1214.2893400470High strength, suitable for complex internal cavity molds.
SX45A1513.9873300440Good comprehensive performance, high strength and excellent electrical processing performance, suitable for molds with complex cavities.
SX50A2013.4853100390Good toughness, good impact resistance, good electrical processing performance, suitable for complex molds under high load.



  • Using domestic high-quality tungsten carbide powder and imported cobalt powder.
  • The product is sintered by 10MPa pressure sintering furnace. In the final stage, using pressure sintering, the compactness is greatly improved, the porosity is reduced, and the mechanical properties of the product are greatly improved.
  • The product has the characteristics of high impact resistance, high wear resistance and long service life.


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