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Cemented Carbide Blade / Tungsten Steel Disk Slitting Blade Industrial Teeth

Name: Tungsten Steel Disk Slitting Blade
Pin Ceramic Nozzle: Costum
Tungsten Steel Slider Insert Head: Costum
Type: Tungsten Steel Disk Slitting Blade
Model: Tungsten Steel Slitting Blade
Tungsten Steel Pin: Double-hole Insert Head
High Light: cemented carbide products, hardened steel blade
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Product description


Tungsten steel is deemed as industrial teeth, whose superior properties make tungsten steel blades become durable sharp cutting tools of high efficiency. Compared with traditional high - speed steel blade, cemented carbide slitting blade obviously shows a more remarkable performance in terms of enduring and efficient mechanical cutting production operation. Tungsten steel blade possesses the following properties: good hardness, abrasion resistance, high intensity, good tenacity, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. What’s worth mentioning is its high hardness and abrasion resistance--its hardness basically stays unchanged at 500℃, and it still stays highly hard even at 1000℃. Tungsten steel blade, also called cemented carbide blade, means sintered composites consisting of at least one metal carbide. The matrix of tungsten steel blade is composed of two parts---hardening phase and binding metal. Binding metals are generally iron group metals, commonly used being cobalt and nickel. Therefore, there are tungsten-cobalt alloys, tungsten-nickel alloys and tungsten-titanium-cobalt alloys. Tungsten-containing steels, such as high-speed steels and some hot-working die steels, can significantly improve the hardness and heat resistance of steels, but the toughness will decline sharply.


Tungsten steel disk slitting blade, a kind of tungsten steel blade, is mainly used in cutting products like corrugated paper, paper sheet, thin film, gold, silver foil, aluminum foil, copper foil, magnetic tape, etc. Those products all require that the cutting resistance of the blade be minimum and the wear resistance be maximum. Driven by the increasing investment and export of manufacturing equipment centered on automobile industry, the demand for disk blade products is increasing day by day, and disk blade manufacturers are expanding their production capacity at home and abroad. What’s more, with the intensification of global cost competition, the voice of users to achieve high added value and high efficiency production is increasing with each passing day. In order to adapt to the development trend of fast production with short delivery time and low cost, the key is to use minimal production equipment to realize long-term automatic operation and processing. The effective ways to promote the rationalization of production site are---one,to introduce composite cutting technology which can integrate multi-process and two,to introduce high-speed and high-precision milling machine which can cut various workpiece materials, including hardened steel.



Technical parameters


Corrugated paper tungsten steel disk slitting blade is a type of blade aiming at slitting packaging paper. The common specifications of domestic common slitting equipment are as follows.

1.φ200×φ122×1.3(No hole) 2.φ210×φ110×1.4(No hole) 3.φ210×φ122×1.4(No hole)
4.φ230×φ110×1.4(No hole) 5.φ230×φ130×1.4(No hole) 6.φ250×φ105×1.4-6×φ11
7.φ250×φ140×1.4(No hole) 8.φ260×φ112×1.4-6×φ11 9.φ260×φ114×1.4-8×φ11
10.φ260×φ140×1.4(No hole) 11.φ260×φ158×1.4(No hole) 12.φ260×φ158×1.4-8×φ11


Configuration advantages


Our company, according to front-line customers’ application demand, especially the mechanized production requirement for continuous and permanent cutting operation in plastic film, corrugated paper, packaging paper, has carefully selected 0.6um subfine grain cemented carbide powder, which has gone through high - precision molding and high - temperature low - pressure sintering and therefore our cemented carbide blade has come into being. The inner micro-structure of cemented carbide blade has good compactness, which not only prevents the edge from flaking during accurate grinding and application, but also improves the finish of cutting section and the possibility of one-time cutting forming. Our cemented carbide slitting blade has adopted high-precision grinding machine fine grinding edge. The edge is of high machining accuracy, therefore its surface finish is comparable to mirror. The edge is sharp, so its cutting section is flat, smooth and free from burr and flaw. The blade is solid and hard-wearing, whose edge is sharp. Our blade’s cutting cycle of a single installation machine is everlasting, which is 10 times longer than that of high speed steel slitting blade. Let alone our cemented carbide slitting blade after coating treatment, whose lifespan is tens or even hundreds times longer than that of high speed steel slitting blade. Besides specifications as acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, no rust, etc, our blade can adjust variable cutting environments. Our company's standard large-scale production, standardized production process and strict quality control perfectly combined to cast a stable product quality, especially for long-term cutting operations.



Packaging & Shipping

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