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Cement Fiberboard Diamond Saw Blades High Speed Saw For Cutting MDF

Name: Cement Fiberboard Diamond Saw Blade
Pin Ceramic Nozzle: Costum
Tungsten Steel Slider Insert Head: Costum
Type: Cement Fiberboard Diamond Saw Blade
Model: Diamond Saw Blade
Tungsten Steel Pin: Double-hole Insert Head
High Light: woodworking saw blades, diamond saw blades
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High speed saw blade cutting has become a major development direction of modern manufacturing technology. Since the development and application of high speed cutting tools directly affect the processing efficiency and processing quality of high speed cutting, it is of great significance. Innovative saw blade technology, in addition to the innovation and improvement of the geometry and cutting angle of the saw blade itself, the development and innovation of saw blade cutting edge material is also a key factor to improve cutting efficiency and reduce cutting cost. From mid 1970s, industrialized countries such as the United States, Germany, and Japan have developed polycrystalline diamond (PCD) and applied it to high speed cutting of non metallic materials and non ferrous materials, which has greatly improved production efficiency and reduced cutting costs. Therefore, it is widely used in automotive, aerospace, aerospace, building materials, cutting and other industrial fields.


Due to its superior performance, PCD saw blades are widely used in the processing of stone and wood. In actual selection, appropriate grades and particle sizes should be selected according to the use of PCD saw blades, the characteristics of the materials to be cut and the specific requirements of processing. The PCD composite sheet is made into saw blade. In general, the wear resistance durability of diamond in the composite sheet is high or the particle size is large, and the toughness is better when the diamond volume concentration is low or the particle size is small.


Technical Parameters


Diamond PCD woodworking saw blades are also one of the products developed over the years. PCD saw blades are mainly used for cutting: MDF, medium and high density laminate flooring, particleboard, fiberboard, fireproof board, plywood, electronic circuit board, acrylic board, plexiglass, Solid wood, cement fiberboard, frames and other materials. It is a high speed steel as the base. The pcd diamond is used as the cutter head. The high speed steel is used as the base and the diamond is inserted into the cutter head. During the whole cutting process, the diamond cutter head rotates at high speed and the friction is cut by the sheet material. It has the advantages of high hardness and wear resistance durability , which makes the diamond saw blade with high strength, good sharpness, small sawing path, high precision, good heat dissipation and large depth of cut, which has a strong advantage, so the service life of the diamond saw blade Among them, diamond has difficulty in being worn, so the service life and utilization rate are greatly improved, and at the same time, in terms of capital cost, the cost of the buyer can be saved and the advantage of long life can be achieved. Therefore, the diamond saw blade is 70-100 times longer than the ordinary saw blade. It is 3/1 more efficient than ordinary saw blades, and the production cost is halved.


The pcd saw blade can be used for cutting the cement fiber board. The cement fiber board is also called calcium silicate board. The siliceous calcium material is used as the main cementing material. After pulping, molding and accelerating the curing reaction in high temperature and high pressure saturated steam, a sheet made of calcium silicate gel formed. It is a new type building and industrial board with excellent performance. Its products are fireproof, moisture proof, soundproof, insect proof and durable. It is the ideal decorative board for ceiling and partition. The Pcd woodworking saw blade cuts this sheet, and its specifications include: φ300 × φ30 × 3.2 × 96T × 11 ° and φ 350 × φ 30 × 3.2 × 84 × 11 °. The cutting effect is several times or even ten times that of a conventional saw blade.


Configuration advantage


Zhuzhou Sanxin Cemented Carbide Production Co., Ltd. develops and processes woodworking diamond saw blades. Due to the high cost of diamond manufacturing, high hardness, high wear resistance ability, high processing difficulty and high manufacturing threshold, the price is slightly more expensive than other ordinary saw blades. It has been difficult to popularize woodworking machining and cutting operations, but the significant advantages of Zhuzhou Sanxin Woodworking Diamond Saw Blades are mainly reflected in the long service life and long lasting cutting. The processing of high density sheet metal can last for 300-400 hours. The hardness is up to 10000 HV, which is 80 to 120 times that of cemented carbide. This is why it is expensive. PCD saw blades have made tremendous contributions in the woodworking industry and have great potential and competitiveness in this industry. For more information

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