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Carbide Tungsten Steel Cold Heading Dies With High Wear Resistance And Small Deformation

Name: Carbide (tungsten Steel) Cold Heading Die
Pin Ceramic Nozzle: Costum
Tungsten Steel Slider Insert Head: Costum
Type: Carbide (tungsten Steel) Cold Heading Die
Model: Carbide (tungsten Steel) Cold Heading Die
Tungsten Steel Pin: Double-hole Insert Head
High Light: cold heading dies, progressive punching die
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The hard alloy (tungsten steel) cold heading die produced by our company adopts scientific treatment method to improve the strength and toughness, and achieve higher fatigue strength and impact resistance. This product is extremely acclaimed by our customers.


Technical parameters:


Application and performance of the cemented carbide (tungsten steel) cold heading die

GradeCo%Hardness HRADensity g/cm³Bending strength Mpa

Elastic Modulus


SX46A1585.543.93000440Mold with high wear resistance and small deformation
SX50A2085.813.43300390Processing stainless steel and molds with small deformation
SX60A208413.51900390Straight rod, screw, nut upper mold, etc.
SX62A2283.713.22900360Countersunk head with large working load
SX65A2584.112.93100340Straight bar mold with large working load
SX70A2582.513.12800340Nut lower mold, mold with large working load

Mold blank dimensional tolerance

Outer dimeterHeight dimension
>φ50~80 +0.8~-0.8+0.85~-0.85+0.9~-0.9+1.0~-1.0


Inner diameterHeight dimension
Inner diameter limit deviation
>φ20~35 0~-0.900~-1.000~-1.10~-1.2


Height dimensionOuter diameter
Height limit deviation
>50~80 +2.9~+0.4+3.0~+0.4+3.1~+0.6
>80  +4.0%~+0.6



Our company is specialized in the production of cemented carbide raw material from grades formulation to the production of blanks and deep processing of cemented carbide, our cold heading mold has the following advantages:

  • Different materials are required for different grades materials, which materials are selected by professional material engineer according to the customer's application requirements.
  • Pressed and sintered by professional equipment and unique process, the metallographic structure of the blank product is compact, the dimension is accurate and precise, which can effectively improve processing efficiency.
  • The unique treatment method makes it has higher strength and toughness than general alloy. The properties, like higher fatigue strength, impact resistance and high-strength wear resistance, make it longer service life. Thus, it has a good reputation icn the cold die industry.
Packaging & Shipping

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