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Carbide Mold Steel Slag Mechanical Wear Scraper For Production Operation

Name: Carbide Wear-resistant Scraper
Pin Ceramic Nozzle: Costum
Tungsten Steel Slider Insert Head: Costum
Type: Steel Slag Mechanical Scraper
Model: Steel Slag Mechanical Wear Scraper
Tungsten Steel Pin: Double-hole Insert Head
High Light: cold heading dies, progressive punching die
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The construction of socialist harmonious and economic society requires resource recycling in the steel industry, recycling and utilizing steel slag resources. Promoting energy conservation and emission reduction are the development principles and requirements. As a cemented carbide manufacturer in Zhuzhou, relying on the carbide processing technology in Zhuzhou, we are committed to providing high-quality alloy products for industrial production. The carbide steel slag mechanical squeegee blade is super-hard wear-resistant product, used in large-scale imported steel slag processing equipment. It has good wear resistance to ensure long-lasting operation of the equipment.


As the industrial tooth, cemented carbide is a typical representative of super-hard wear-resistant products. The carbide grinding scraper used in steel slag processing plants is continuous process of mechanically treating steel slag. This requires extremely strong wear resistance of the scraper for continuous and long-lasting operation, especially for large equipment. The continuous working requirements need extremely high performance of the alloy product. The steel slag mechanical wear-resistant scraper is produced for China Metallurgical Group Co., Ltd., which is customized according to the corresponding drawings and is delivered within 25 working days. This show that we are prone to protect environment, conserve and recycle resource. We also welcome steel companies with this demand to contact us. We will produce high-abrasion materials according to the drawings to promote the recycling of environmental resources.



Technical parameters:


As the industrial tooth, cemented carbide has super wear resistance. The scraper used for large-scale mechanical equipment requires long-lasting wear-resisting work. Our company produce the steel slag mechanical wear-resistant scraper according to the drawing parameters of Jiangxi Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. The fine-grained tungsten carbide is used as raw material and is formed by professional pressure sintering process (Sinter-HIP). The scraper has high hardness and strength, belonging to super-high wear-resistant material.





The steel slag mechanical wear scraper is customer-made for the production operation of Jiangxi Steel Slag Treatment Plant of MCC Group. Thanks to the support and trust of China Metallurgical Science and Industry Group. We are proud and happy to produce the equipment for environmental protection and resources utilization.


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