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Calcium Silicate Board Diamond Saw Blades With Natural Wood Fiber

Name: Calcium Silicate Board Diamond Saw Blade
Pin Ceramic Nozzle: Costum
Tungsten Steel Slider Insert Head: Costum
Type: PCD Diamond Saw Blade
Model: Cement Fiberboard Saw Blade
Tungsten Steel Pin: Double-hole Insert Head
High Light: woodworking saw blades, diamond saw blades
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Calcium silicate board is a new type of thermal insulation material. It has the advantages of low bulk density, low thermal conductivity, high flexural resistance, high compressive strength, good heat resistance, non-toxic and non-combustible, sawable, easy to process, non-corrosive pipes and equipment. It is widely used in equipment, boiler bodies and kiln bodies in electric power industry, chemical industry, metallurgy industry, cement and other industries.


The calcium silicate board is made of hard rock type hydrate, reinforcing fiber and other raw materials, and it is made into a tile or a plate by a high temperature steaming process; it has the advantages of high heat resistance, good heat insulation performance, high strength, good durability, no corrosion and no pollution.


Calcium silicate board is a kind of building material which is mainly based on silicon powder and calcium powder material, with natural wood fiber as the reinforcing material and mixed with other auxiliary materials. It is formed by flow slurry and cured under high temperature and high pressure.


In addition to the function of traditional gypsum board, it has the advantages of superior fire resistance, moisture resistance and long service life. It is widely used in the ceiling and partition wall of industrial and commercial engineering building, the lining board of family decoration, furniture, billboard, ship's compartment board, warehouse shed board, network floor and tunnel wall board of interior engineering.


It is made of high-quality high-grade cement as the base material and enhanced with natural fiber. It is made through the advanced production process molding, pressurizing, high temperature steaming and other special technology processing; It is a new type of building and industrial board with excellent performance. Its products are fireproof, moisture proof, soundproof, insect proof and durable.


Due to the high price precision and processing efficiency of high-speed cutting and rotating, the current woodworking diamond saw blade has good cutting performance for calcium silicate board, and it also shows the unique advantage of diamond saw blade for different wood.


Technical Parameters


PCD diamond saw blade, as a large professional woodworking saw table supporting cutting blade, is a typical representative of ultra-hard cutting tools, mainly suitable for cutting medium and high density board, single and double paste panel, MDF board, chipboard, compact grade laminate and other wood materials, and is configured in table saw, cross cutting saw, computer cutting board saw, electronic precision saw and other saw table.


The PCD saw blade we made has a Vickers hardness of 10000 HV, strong acid resistance, and the cutting edge is not easy to be passivated. The processed wood has good molding quality and high wear resistance, and is more wear resistant than cemented carbide.For the processing of particleboard, MDF, wood floor, veneer, etc., the continuous operation time can reach 300~400 hours, and the maximum service time can reach 4000 hours/piece. Compared with cemented carbide blades, the service life is longer. Moreover, the processing efficiency and processing accuracy reaches the highest quality requirements, and it is a smart choice for woodworking operations.


Common PCD diamond saw blade specifications are as follows:

Product parameters: PCD saw blade

Product Name: PCD Diamond Saw Blade

Product specifications: φ300 × φ30 × 3.2 × 96T / 72 × 11 °




Tooth type selection: ladder teeth / TP

Product brand: Sanxin

Product hardness: 10000 (HV)

Product base: German high quality alloy steel

Saw blade material: PCD composite diamond

Product abradability: 50-150 times

Continuous operation time: 300-400 hours


Configuration advantage


We make professional blade, there must be tricks. As a professional manufacturer of Zhuzhou cemented carbide blade, we have been committed to providing high quality cutting tools for industrial production cutting. Science and technology as the primary productivity is a good performance of innovative operations. Taking woodworking machinery cutting operations as an example, the excellent performance of PCD saw blades is suitable for vertical cross-section single and double veneers, multi-layer boards, particle boards, etc., and is generally used in precision electronic saws and push table saws.



PCD diamond saw blade produced by our company with high quality production is made of high-quality alloy steel. The alloy steel combines the the composite diamond cutter head with excellent performance to produce PCD saw blade by EDM mechanical electrogrinding technology. The whole process of mechanical standardization flow operation ensures the consistency of every detail of the production process. The well-designed dynamic balance and scientifically created heat dissipation solve the problem of continuous long-term cutting on the woodworking machinery production line. The PCD saw blade is a powerful cutting tool for particleboard, high-density MDF, and high-speed super finishing.


After sales service


PCD diamond saw blades are durable tools for woodworking cutting operations. After long-term use, they will also require follow-up service. We provide paid after-sales service for PCD diamond saw blades for grinding and filling.


Service is fundamental, based on quality, focus on brand, customer satisfaction is the best value we pursue. The PCD woodworking saw blades manufactured by our company are made of German high-quality alloy steel. Welded high performance PCD composite diamond cutter head is delicately formed. The whole process of mechanical standardization flow operation ensures the consistency of every detail of the production process, the carefully designed dynamic balance and the scientifically created heat dissipation, ensuring the consistency of the PCD composite diamond saw blade for the service life of the woodworking cutting operation and the cutting operation. It can be used continuously for more than 300-400 hours, and can be used for multiple times to ensure the best service life. The maximum use time is 4000 hours/piece; we strive to provide strong product technical support for woodworking furniture cutting operations to maximize production efficiency and reduce production costs.

Packaging & Shipping

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