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330mm Length Tungsten Carbide Round Bar For End Mills Drills

Name: Tungsten Carbide Rod
Pin Ceramic Nozzle: Custom
Tungsten Steel Slider Insert Head: Custom
Type 1: Sintered Carbide Bar
Type 2: Grinded Carbide Bar
Size: 6-20 Mm, Customized
High Light: 330mm Tungsten Carbide Round Bar, OEM Tungsten Carbide Round Bar, End Mill tungsten carbide rod
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330mm Length Tungsten Carbide Round Bar For End Mills And Drills


There are a large number of dies to produce different shape of products. Will show some typicaI applications as follows. The most important thing is that we offer OEM and ODM service.


Various material grades K20 Excellent Wear, M30 Light Impact, and other P30, P20, YG8, YG6, YG6X, etc. 


Tungsten​ Carbide Round Bar Introduction: 

1. 100% virgin material
2. Various sizes and full types stock available
3. Products can be customized upon requirement


Features of tungsten carbide rod:

As for tungsten carbide rod, below are the general features for your reference
For more details of specific type, please inform us:
1. Better wear resistance, higher toughness, better deformation and fracture resistance, results in a long life and good size accuracy
2. Adopt advanced automatic extrusion equipment
3. HIP sintering and precision grinding to ensure the good performance
4. Both blank and finished tungsten carbide rods available
5. Can reach a mirror effect surface after accurate grinding and polishing



For making the drill bits, end-mills, reamers


Technical parameters

Properties and application of tungsten steel round rod material

GradeCo%Hardness (HRA)Density (g/cm³)Bending strength (Mpa)Elastic Modulus (Gpa)Suitable processing materials
SX10F692.914.83300530Copper aluminum alloy, PCB, glass fiber reinforced material, brake material, graphite
SX11F892.314.63800510Aluminum alloy, hardened steel, chilled cast iron, brake material
SX12F993.814.45100500Stainless steel, high hardened steel, especially suitable for high speed cutting and dry cutting of metals
SX20F1091.714.44300490Strong versatility, mainly suitable for gray cast iron, chilled cast iron, alloy steel, etc.
SX25F1292.514.14500460Superalloy, stainless steel, titanium alloy, hardened steel, tap

Production Process

Polished  Surface YG10 Tungsten Carbide Round Bar

330mm Length Tungsten Carbide Round Bar For End Mills Drills 1

Why choose us: 

We always implement these business policies of "quality first, customer first"; "both wholesale and retail are welcome, excellent price for large quantity"; "timely delivery, mutual benefit and simultaneous growth with customer " to expand ourselves in the market.

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