16ERAG60 Carbide Threading Inserts CNC Turning Parts For Steel Working

Brand Name: IsCarbide
Model Number: 16ER/IR AG60
Customized Support: OEM, ODM
Standard: ISO
Product Type: Carbide Threading Inserts,CNC Tool Parts
Material: 100% Virgin Tungsten Carbide
Coating: PVD Or To Be Defined Per Your Different Demands And Application
Usage: External, Internal Threading And Turning
Hardness: HRA 91.3~92.3
Precision: ±0.005mm
Dimensions: Pitch:0.5~3.0mm; IC:3/8" ;
Holder: SER1616H16 Etc
Applicable Materials (Uncoated Inserts):: Aluminum,copper,non-ferrous Metals.non-metallic
Applicable Materials(Coated Inserts):: Carbon Steel,alloy Steel,mold Steel,other Steel,ductile Iron
Compatible Machine: CNC Lathes, Centering Machines Etc
High Light: 16ERAG60 Carbide Threading Inserts, Steel Working Carbide Threading Inserts, 16ERAG60 Steel CNC Turning Parts
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16ERAG60 16IRAG60 Carbide Threading Inserts,CNC Turning Parts For Steel Working


16ERAG60 Application Field:

16ER/IR AG60 is a type of CNC carbide threading turning inserts.These inserts are mainly used for threading&turning operations on CNC machines which are available in external or internal threading.That’s why we called ER or IR. Specific inserts naming rules of this series as the end shows.

We Drow also provide a quite wide range of specification, similar products include 11ER/IR,22ER/IR and GR520 etc. There is always one type of inserts that can meet your requirement.


Name Rule Of Threading Inserts ( ISO, Double Language ):

16ERAG60 Carbide Threading Inserts CNC Turning Parts For Steel Working 0


Machining Reference:

Threading inserts cutting times within defined depth for reference:

ISO-60° Metric full profile-external
Cutting Depth
Cutting TimesCutting Steps



Product Details--- 16ER/IR AG60

  • Excellent material: 100% original carbide powder.Lead our insert to excellent wear resistance and toughness.
  • Dimensions: ①Pitch:0.5~3.0mm; ② IC:3/8 " .
  • Advanced coating: To be defined per your application.Whatever,Our insert surface adopts advanced coating technology , leading it to well corrosion resistance and wear resistance.
  • Fine grinding process: The surface of the insert has high smoothness, good cutting edge quality and no cutting resistance.Effectively reduce the friction and reduce the loss.
  • Perfect fit: Accurate and smooth insert edge strips.It is not easy to produce micro-vibration during processing on the holder.
  • Applicable materials: Uncoated inserts for aluminum,non-ferrous metals,non-metallic.Coated inserts for carbon steel,alloy steel,mold steel,other harden steel,ductile iron etc.
  • Customization: If standard stock cannot meet your demands, please attach CAD drawings/3D drawings for your inquiry, thank you.
  • Mature insert production: All the inserts of production, coatings are used in high-end EU processing equipment. To know more, please refer to below “Entire Production Quick View”.


Product Features:

16ERAG60 Carbide Threading Inserts CNC Turning Parts For Steel Working 1

1.Chamfering and tip-arc processing of the insert cutting edge, which can well protect the insert edge from fracture and lead to smooth workpiece surface.

2.Cutting edge inclination designation is good to control chip flow direction and obtains excellent surface quality
3. High performance composite coating support which can offer you super hard and smooth workpiece surface.
4. Professional and efficiency chip-breaker design, provides perfect cutting performance.
5. International standard and precise dimension. Perfectly fit to tool holders so that not easy to produce micro-vibration during processing.

6.The base material imported from Europe has better oxidation resistance and wear resistance.
7. Customized insert design, coating, marking, packing are also available if you need. Strong technical power support us to meet your special requirement..
Carbide inserts produced by We Drow realize efficiency machining and long tool life, which are popular and well-feedback all over the world.


Product Specification:

16ERAG60 Carbide Threading Inserts CNC Turning Parts For Steel Working 2

DesignationThread PitchICLXY


Entire Production Quick View:

1.Use 100% original carbide powder to sinter to get the integral insert blank.

2.Flat grinding machining.

3.Surrounding grinding machining.

4.Create insert cutting edge.

5.Chamfering and tip-arc processing of the insert cutting edge.

6.Composite Coating.


Quality Inspection:

1.Checked carefully by experienced staff.

2.Microscope check.

16ERAG60 Carbide Threading Inserts CNC Turning Parts For Steel Working 3


Why choose us:
1.Technical innovation: Complex surfaces and functional structures can be quickly formed and kept accurate.
2.Processing speed: Short production cycle, fast delivery time, to ensure delivery on time according to the delivery date.
3.Product quality: High quality guaranteed.High precision, up to 0.005-0.001mm.
4.Confidentiality system: Triple confidentiality measures to protect, proofing more assured.
5.Fully equipped: Excellent processing capacity, multiple production lines, advanced equipment, professional supporting facilities.
6.Cost-effective: Reasonable design and material selection lead us to a competitive price, so that could help provide you more favorable price of the same level products .



Q1: Are insert samples available ?

A: We provide free sample,the exneeds to be paid by the buyer

Q2: Can we get a discount if our ordered quantity is big enough ?

A: Yes.We can offer you our best price and will give you a discount if your ordered quantity is big enough.

Q3: How can we trust your product quality?

A: 100% products quality inspection for first batch, and casual inspection for the coming batch.Raw material will be tested before bulk production and we will check the physical properties, shape and tolerance for ensuring qualified products before shipping

Q4: What's your delivery way?

A: According to the requirements of customers,we will provide the best transportation service


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